Wednesday, November 23, 2016

One year later… Giving Thanks and a toast to pursuing Ones Dream!

Almost exactly one year ago today, while playing a Ten Point Pitch card game and sitting around the family table following a Thanksgiving meal, the Oettingers decided to quit talking about opening a brewery and finally make it happen.

Meet the brothers Paul and Mark and their wives Amy (that's me in the back left) and Mendy (aka the Oettingers).  It started with planning the work and working the plan including a lot of education, experimentation and climbing uphill while turning corners. As if someone was propelling us from above (Grandpa Tom), things began to fall into place.
Just a stone’s throw from the southern Sandhills, the past year has been about laying the ground work for that dream to become reality.  Fast forward a year and Pals Brewing Company is in full construction while we await our federal brewers permit. Talk to anyone who has ever started up a brewery and they will tell you the process goes something like this:  take 2 steps forward and then 1 step backward; Save $1, and spend $3. And while it is not an easy endeavor it sure is a worthy endeavor indeed!  One that is not just for us the dreamers,  but for everyone who lives or passes through the North Platte community and deserves to have a place to call a home away from home.
Every day as Paul and I meet new people, it gives us such incredible energy to see the excitement folks seem to have for the brewery to open! We are asked multiple times a day, “Oh Is that the building going up on Buffalo Bill”? Yes.. “Are you going to brew the beer right there on site? How many beers will you have on tap”? Yes, maybe 9 to 12 or so. “When are you opening?” With a painful, agonizing look we explain how it is not up to us. We are waiting for the TTB (whoever that is?) to issue our license which can take anywhere from a half to a full year! Based on our application date we are hoping to start serving tasty beers sometime between January and March. “Will you serve food”? Yes, we will have specialty pizzas and some appetizers. "I don’t drink beer will you have anything to drink that isn’t beer?” Yes, we will have limited mixed drinks and wine, as well as Pals specialty sodas. “Can we have our wedding at the Brewery”? Perhaps. We are working out the details of how to host these type of events on our beautiful 4 acres with views of the sunset. We hope it will be an outdoor space like no other. It will be something special with games, picnic tables, beautiful landscaping, and space for tents to host all those family gatherings. We even have space for beer tasting events and a huge outdoor patio and quiet nooks for stargazing. Finally, people in the community have been wondering, “when will you be hiring”? We plan to start the interview process a month or two before opening. Soon we will have a website up and running with all the details.
We can’t wait to share our vision of North Platte’s first microbrewery including a taproom to enjoy Paul’s (aka Pals) quality craft brews, and a warm and comfy atmosphere to share memories and laughter with your friends and families. We want to be the place you take your family who is in town next Thanksgiving. We want to be the place you meet your friends after work to unwind from your long day. We want to be the place you bring your sweetie to listen to live musicians and kick back on a Friday night. We want to be the place you cheer on the Huskers with a red beer while enjoying some outdoor games in our garden oasis.  We want to be the place where you feel welcomed and happy.  But most importantly, we want to be the place where you learn all about craft beers giving your taste buds an experience like no other. Year after year, your palate will change and all you light beer drinkers may eventually find out that in addition to Jerry Light you love a Christmas Stout! It happens to the best of us! You’re always at home with PALS! And now for a word from our sponsor....
Attention North Platte beer lovers. As you patiently wait for us to get our ducks in a row and licensing to come through, why not show some support for North Platte’s first microbrewery by buying one of these magnificent Pals T-shirts.  What an awesome Christmas gift!  Check out those beauties!

Women’s sizes include S, M, L, XL, XXL, in black or teal blue. Men’s sizes include black M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL, 4L, 5XL and Sandstone L, XL, XXL. Cost is $30 (hey that’s a lot of colors to print on that fabulous logo!). Email with your name, address, size and color and we will send you an invoice through your email. Now back to the blog...

At this time of thanks as I sit and reflect about how far we’ve come and where we hope to be, I can’t help but remember that day one year ago when all we had was a dream during a card game. We can't tell you how thankful all of us at Pals are for all the people who have helped move our dream closer to reality. Our close friends and family members. All those who voiced their support of the site zoning changes. Attorneys and Accountants, Bankers and Insurance Agents. Thanks to all the contractors creating that beautiful building with the copper roof. 

From Plumbers to Electricians, to Landscapers, Cement Scapers and Earth Movers. From architects and engineers to screen printers and POS system developers. Builders, sign makers and problem solving HVAC guys. And I forgot our neighbors who Paul forces to taste every test batch giving in return only empty glasses and honest feedback!  It has taken many thinkers to solve each of the problems that have come with us along the way. So on this Thanksgiving, us Oettingers say "Thank You" to each and every one of you who has helped us on this journey so far. And I can't help wondering as you sit around your family table this Thanksgiving… what dreams are you dreaming? Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving from Pals to all of you!