Saturday, July 23, 2016

Resigned to a Wisconsin Summer Like No Other

As the temperatures blister to nearly 100 degrees out in North Platte, Mark and Mendy are busily putting the final plans in place with the various contractors and other professionals who are working to bring Pals Brewing Company's future site to life. In the past week the brewery building order was placed, the plumbing drawings were completed and sent out for bids, site dirt work began in preparation for concrete work (which can't start until the proper permits are obtained), and full time jobs were somehow still worked. Hopefully they got some sleep somewhere in there and found some time for Kadin and Keegan.

Meanwhile over 700 miles east, Amy and I have hit a few minor milestones as well since my last update. We accepted an offer on our house in Sun Prairie and just yesterday cleared the inspection contingency!

Amy helping me put in the garden circa 2008.

The first beans and tomatoes appeared in the garden. I'm really looking forward to canning up some salsa, pickles, and of course dilly beans before I have to say goodbye to it for the last time. We put this garden in what seems like an eternity ago and of course this year it finally looks like a garden should right before I hand it over to a new family. Check out those photos of this year's crop! Hopefully the new family gets as much enjoyment out of the garden as we have.

I also ordered a 30 Barrel fermenter for the Brewery to round out the initial fermentation equipment. Oh and did I mention we both gave our two week notice to resign from our jobs? That one made everything pretty real for me. Nothing stressful though right, just your average summer of leaving one life and moving to another...

We've also spent a fair amount of time searching for a place to live out in North Platte without much luck. So if anyone out there in North Platte has a nice 3 bedroom rental they want to lease to our family which includes a 70 lb dog please let us know.

On the beer front last week, I kegged off the very first batch made on that beautiful pilot system, a Blueberry Wheat Ale. Given the scorching temperatures and a prompt by my fellow co-brewer Jeff Scanlan, I decided to concoct a Blueberry Radler by mixing some in a glass with about 25% Simply Lemonade. After about the 3rd pint in an hour, I decided those Germans across the pond were definitely on to something! Good thing I have a few more gallons out in the Keezer, which for all of you non-brewers is my chest freezer converted to a kegerator. Unfortunately for you North Platte readers there is about as much chance of that blueberry keg making it through the move to North Platte as the Milwaukee Brewers making a playoff run this year. Don't worry though, I've had two people ask to brew with me yet before I leave town so there could be a few fresh kegs tucked inside the moving truck in case you happen to be there to help us unload (hint, hint).

The next week is going to be filled up tight with finalizing the application for our Federal Brewers Permit and beginning the daunting task of packing for the move. We'll also get started on our farewell gatherings with local friends and family while Mark waits on the mountain of permits to break ground on the Brewery. Endings and new beginnings. A summer in Wisconsin like no other.

Thanks to everyone for your support on this incredible journey.


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